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A velodrome is a steeply banked track for bicycle racing and recreation. Riding a velodrome is fun and exhilarating, and it is a safe place to ride, train, and race, removed from the hazards and concerns of public roads.

Sacto Velodrome

A quality, contemporary velodrome is long overdue for Marin, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Velo GroupVelodrome track bicycling has been a Summer Olympic sport with numerous disciplines and events since the first modern Games in Athens in 1896, and it is now experiencing a resurgence and growth in popularity.

It is also an excellent spectator sport. Compared with road racing where crowds may only get one glimpse of racers going by, the velodrome captures all the action and is a great place to bring family or friends for sporting entertainment.

MCVelo Blue InkThe Marin County Velodrome Association (M.C.V.A.) was formed along with Velo Club Tamalpais (V.C.T.), which is now famous and acclaimed as the birthplace of the modern Mountain Bike. Its purpose was to promote and realize the building of a Velodrome in Marin County, CA.

Track LetterThe M.C.V.A. working with the Marin Cyclists Bicycle Club and Marin County officials, had tremendous initial success, with the Marin County Board of Supervisors setting aside land at McInnis Park in San Rafael for a future velodrome.

Marin Velodrome Drawing

McInnis ParkDue to a lack of funding, the land was re-designated for other purposes.

For many years, the M.C.V.A. functioned primarily as a producer of bicycle races and events, in an effort to “keep the dream” alive.

Race liscense & Velo News #1The M.C.V.A. has a solid history of successful community involvement, including producing seventeen Tour of Marin Bicycle Races.

Marin All Terrain & Tour of M

Good things are worth waiting for.

Only recently, computer assisted velodrome design, and new construction techniques using modern materials have reached a new level of quality, durability and economy that was previously unavailable.

Now is the time for the Marin County Velodrome Association and the community that supports it to get “back on track,” and build a velodrome in Marin County, California.

Gil Track Bike & card

SFO pic [with text]With the addition of Gil de la Roza as Executive Director, the Marin County Velodrome Association is now shifting its focus from promoting races and community events, and is returning to its roots as a dedicated advocate for the building of a velodrome in Marin.

Working with other visionaries, it is anticipated that the funding will be obtained, and a contemporary velodrome for Marin, and the San Francisco Bay Area will be realized.

Velodrome-track bicycling is about community health and healthy living, civic pride, promoting pro-life activities, and doing good things for present, and future generations.

Please support our effort to build a velodrome in Marin now.

Respectfully yours,

Gil de la Roza
Executive Director
Marin County Velodrome Association

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7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Gil: You gave me and Jennifer a card last night at the San Rafael Twilight Criterium. Have you thought about “crowd sourcing” to raise funds for the velodrome?
    ~ Philip

    • Philip,

      Yes we have. In a sense, we are trying to gather support and “crowd fund” our Phase II intermediary funding (see the “When” section of this website) here and now, through this site.

      We were enthusiastic and optimistic about crowd funding with kickstarter, and we spent considerable effort building a site there. Unfortunately, when we inquired “what category should we be under”, they replied: “Bicycle velodromes do not fit into any of our categories and therefore are beyond our scope.” I have appealed this twice, but have heard nothing back. It seems that we are not computer, art, technology, or “geeky” enough. There are other sites like indegogo, rockethub, crowdtilt, fundanything, and crowdwise, but they all rely heavily on having a large broad base social network such as facebook, twitter, or a large email list to launch and initiate the process. As we progress, we may be able to obtain a broad base of contacts from individuals, bicycle organizations, and businesses, and launch crowd funding. If there is anyone reading this who is proficient in social networking, and would like to help, we would welcome their assistance.

      Yours for a velodrome,
      Gil – M.C.V.A.

  2. As a life long cyclist and the founder and director of Trips for Kids I personally am in favor of this most ambitious project for Marin County!

  3. Dear MCVA,
    I think the velodrome would be a tremendous asset to the Marin community. Ambitious, community oriented projects which bring people together, add to the uniqueness and character of this area. What better project than one which supports both children and adults in a time-honored tradition of classic cycling. I hope that others will join me in being a proud supporter of this endeavor. Michael Sexton

    • Michael,
      Many thanks for your encouragement, and donation. Your’s is the spirit that keeps us going. Please continue to spread the word to your fellow Marin Cyclists, and keep on the “look out” for philanthropists who are capable and willing to fund portions of this effort. We send our best regards to the Marin Cyclists.
      Gil – M.C.V.A.

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