The Phase I preliminary groundwork, to establish the Marin County Velodrome Association, has been well accomplished.

The M.C.V.A. is a USA Cycling Bicycle Club. We are registered with the California State Attorney General as a California Unincorporated Non-Profit/Tax-Exempt Association with registration #13484: “Formed for charitable and educational purposes, and to foster national and international amateur sports competition.” Our Federal Tax ID Number is 46-2636813.

At present we have a funding goal of $20,000.+ to cover the hard costs of Phase II objectives which include:

These require funding for professional services, document creation, filing fees, assessments, reports and proposals.

  1. Meet with county officials, Real Estate development professionals, concerned parties and landowner to secure the velodrome location.
  2. Collect our velodrome design team, including engineers, architects, environmental and zoning specialists, and velodrome designers.
  3. Register with the California Secretary of State as a California Nonprofit Corporation and file for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the I.R.S.

These require a substantial time commitment and hard costs.

  1. Collect appropriate personnel, and create marketing and management teams.
  2. Build an Internet social network as a basis for building community relationships, and future velodrome participation and management.
  3. Continue to seek and build connections with individuals, clubs, businesses, corporations and foundations capable and willing to fund the entire project or major portions thereof.

We now ask philanthropic individuals, clubs, businesses, corporations and foundations to support the M.C.V.A. so that we can realize our present Phase II funding, and continue planning for the Marin County Velodrome. We appeal to those who can afford 2, 5, and 10 thousand dollar “bronze, silver, and gold” sponsorships to please step forward and help make this project a reality. We will recognize these sponsors in a special section on every page of our web site and work to build reciprocal relationships. Should the opportunity arise, we will also add platinum and diamond categories.

The major funding for the actual velodrome and facilities will involve naming rights and other concessions.

No donation is too big or small, as they all show support for this project. “Many hands make light work.” Large donations and sponsorships will get us where we need to be sooner.

Please sponsor now.  Please give generously.

Well wishes are great – but commitment, action, and sponsorships are paramount to realizing a velodrome.

Thank you for your support,

Gil de la Roza
Executive Director
Marin County Velodrome Association

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