M.C.V.A. Velodrome location found.

To all our Bicycling Friends,

Great news! We have found a “prime” location for the Marin County Velodrome. This is exciting and important, as there are few locations in Marin County that meet all our criteria for premium access, non-interference with neighbors and other delicate creatures, and compliance with zoning and environmental regulations.

We have met with a site development specialist representing the two remaining undeveloped land parcels on the #580 Highway business corridor from San Rafael to the Richmond Bridge. He is supportive of our effort for a velodrome there, but points out that this location may be too “premium,” as the City of San Rafael expects huge developmental fees and high long term tax revenue from the Box Stores and other businesses that compete for these locations. He suggests that we also consider more rural, “previously disturbed” locations, such as quarry, airport, industrial, etc. Marin County is the first choice, but Santa Rosa, Sonoma County may also present enticing options.

The important thing is to find the “right place.” This is a M.C.V.A. priority.

The San Rafael site representative is the President of a Company that “Builds Cities.” He is open to, and supportive of working with the Marin County Velodrome Association to assist in enabling us to build a velodrome at the San Rafael Hwy #580 location – or wherever else may be most appropriate.

This is a good step forward. Now we need funding for preliminary studies, reports, applications, filing fees, negotiations, etc.

The time for this is now. Please support the Marin County Velodrome Association.

Enthusiastically yours,

Gil de la Roza

Executive Director                                                                                                       Marin County Velodrome Association

P.S. (It has been suggested that a BMX Track would be a welcome addition alongside the velodrome, sharing the grounds, parking lot, restrooms and other facilities. The M.C.V.A whole-heartedly supports this.)

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