In addition to contributing now, there is another means of support that has proven very successful in establishing credibility and facilitating the procurement of funding for the building of velodromes in Bloomer Park, MI (2001), and Cleveland, OH (2012).

It is to set a goal to get pledges for $100,000.

If the money comes all from one place, it would not show commitment from the bicycling community, hence: The requirement that the money come in pledges for $1000 each from private individuals, businesses, and clubs.

No money will be collected until the velodrome is ready to be built.

With these pledges, we will be able to be taken seriously by the Funding and Municipal Agencies on which we will depend.

Your pledge is evidence of community support, which is a factor that Donors, Grant Providers and Municipalities view as essential when considering the funding of a project.

In return, we are offering a plaque with the pledge names on it affixed to the track – and a velodrome for all to ride.

Only when the plans, land and funding are obtained, and the Marin County Velodrome is ready to be built will the pledges be requested.

Please seriously consider supporting the Marin County Velodrome Association with a pledge.

Pledge Form

Please click on the form, print, fill out, and mail to:

Marin Velodrome, PO Box 70656, Point Richmond, CA. 94807.

Thank you for your support.

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