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Marin County, California is well suited for a velodrome. There have been discussions regarding building a velodrome at several San Francisco Bay Area locations, including the San Francisco Presidio, Treasure Island, and Berkeley. The Marin County Velodrome Association (M.C.V.A.) encourages, and will support any viable effort to get a velodrome in the S.F.-North Bay Area, and believes that several velodromes of various sizes would be desirable, and optimal.

The M.C.V.A. remains dedicated to building a velodrome in Marin County, California.

Politics, cost, environmental impact, zoning restrictions, noise, night lighting, and neighborhood concerns, must all be considered.

We have located a very promising site in the San Rafael area and have positive support from the landowner and the regulatory agencies. Please read the article in the right hand column: “M.C.V.A. Velodrome location found.”

Now we need donors and sponsors to make this possible.


West Coast Velodrome Directory (north to south)

Marymoor Velodrome:  400m / 25 degree banking. Built 1974, outdoor, concrete, oval shape. 6064 West Lake, Redmond, WA, 206-957-4555, www.velodrome.org

Alpenrose Velodrome:  268m / 43 degree banking. Built 1967, outdoor, concrete, cigar shape. 6149 SW Shattuck, Portland, OR, 503-246-0330, www.obra.org

Hellyer Park Velodrome:  333m / 23 degree banking. Built 1963, outdoor, concrete, oval shape. 995 995 Hellyer Ave., San Jose, CA, 408-225-0225, www.ridethetrack.com

Encino Veledrome:  252m / 30 degree banking. Built 1968, outdoor, concrete, oval shape. 17301 Oxnard St., Encino, CA, 818-881-7441, www.encinovelodrome.org

ADT Event Center: in the Home Depot Center. 250m / 45 degree banking. Built 2004, indoor, wood planks, cigar shape. 18400 Avalon Blvd., Carson, CA, LAVelodrome@aol.com, www.lavelodrome.org

San Diego Velodrome:  333m / 27 degree banking. Built 1976, outdoor, concrete, oval shape. 2221 Morley Field Drive, San Diego, CA, members@sdvelodrome.com, www.sdvelodrome.com

West Coast Anticipated Velodromes

Sacramento Valley Velodrome Association, www.sacvalleyvelodrome.org

Marin County Velodrome Association, www.marinvelodrome.org

Countries With the Most Velodromes

1. France: 113                 1 velodrome per        583,000 people
2. Australia:   93                 1 velodrome per        239,000 people
3. Japan:   77                 1 velodrome per        652,000 people
4. Spain:   73                 1 velodrome per        648,000 people
5. Argentina:   43                 1 velodrome per        990,000 people
6. Germany:   41                 1 velodrome per     1,979,000 people
7. Italy:   38                 1 velodrome per     1,617,000 people
8. U.S.A.:   26                 1 velodrome per   12,179,000 people
8. New Zealand:   26                 1 velodrome per        167,000 people

9. China:                      23                      With plans to build 30 more!

Countries With Velodromes!  940 Velodromes in 89 Countries

Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Belarus, Bolivia, Cameron, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Uraguay.

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